Big Dreams Bootcamp from Jana Kingsford on Vimeo.

You've just stumbled apon BIG DREAMS gold.

I don't know how you got here. I don't know what country you're reading this from. But I DO know that we're connected. Because you have BIG DREAMS... This may be the one place on Earth.

Where BIG DREAMS are nurtured into FRUITION.

This is BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP and it was made for people like you. Who want to Finally Freakin Actually Achieve their big this year!

... Even if you're not productive yet

... Even if you ARE actually already PRODUCTive but have never achieved your BIG DREAMS yet!

... Even if you're a professional procrastinator

... Even if you've always been a struggling dreamer!

... Even if you're starting to think you're totally crazy for still having these BIG DREAMS and some days it feels like you're soooo far from them!

This is my personal letter to you BIG DREAMER. Here's my message to you.

You're NOT destined to always just be DREAMING and never to actually be DOING and LIVING your big dreams.

They are sooo close for you right now - it breaks my heart that you feel like they are so far away.

I honestly believe you're ONLY given BIG DREAMS that you have the capability of pursuing and doing.

You ain't given BIG DREAMS by accident - and it's NO accident achieving those big dreams!

Are you feeling so overwhelmed? So paralysed? Have so much to do and don't know where to start... are you lost? Feel it's all too much?

Feel like you can't keep up? That you're not doing a good enough job? That it's not enough? Wanna know where to start? What to do? and How to get back into flow again and get your mojo back again?

Now you think being a productivity junkie, I'm going to tell this friend to "suck it up princess and get back to work?"

When you're lost, paralyzed, immobilized, overwhelmed, don't know where to start...

It's bloody debilitating.

You don't know where to start.

When you do start, you do bits and bobs of things all over the place.

Not to mention your to do list just gets longer and longer, not with change-the-world stuff but with buying birthday party gifts or calling your mother or any of the other million things you've 'got' to do.

You can force your way out this with sheer will. You really can. But is the your BIG DREAM forcing yourself, flogging yourself until you drop?

When you think of achieving your BIG DREAMS like a 6 figure business, a $10K month, 4 bedroom house with full styled office, a holiday to Disneyland, regular weekends away with girlfriends or hubby, snowboarding trips, dinner parties cooking up a Jamie Oliver storm in your new house? With your new plates and table settings?

Do you think that you achieve that by spending 90% of your time in the lost, paralysed, overwhelmed, immobilized stages of BIG DREAMS?

If you feel out of whack and like you're totally failing there's multiple ways out of it, depending on what is making you feel lost, overwhelmed, paralysed, immobilised.

I could do the normal thing and tell you "5 Tips To Get Out Of Overwhelm" but the point is, overwhelm, paralysis and feeling lost and like there's too much pressure... do not have a one size fits all solution.

Most productivity masters would label this procrastination. But it's not always procrastination. No procrastination is created equal.

Here's what I know for sure:

You can't just get rid of overwhelm

You can't just get unparalysed

You can't just stop feeling lost

You can't just stop feeling immobilised

Because being overwhelmed, feeling so paralysed, feeling lost, being immobilised... are symptoms of something bigger going on.
Your Big Dreams are being built on a unstable, uncertain, non-specific surface
You're flying blind
You're chasing goals that are carbon copys of someone elses and not intrinsically yours and you don't even know it
You're not aware of the flow cycle and stages you're in
I get it, you might not want to look at what's really going on.

But I promise, it's really easy and clarifying work to know exactly where you're going and exactly how you can get there.

It's freeing.

It's clarifying.

You'll have more mojo than you can poke a stick at.

You'll be able to know exactly when you need a bit of butt-kicking and when you're overspent and need to melt into a flow hangover if you're in one.

You'll know exactly what to do when you need to recalibrate.

You'll stop the cycle of momentum > immobilisation > momentum > paralysis...

That cycle sucks.

You'll know exactly what to do to move through it with grace and ease.

You'll be able to feel the power of full engagement because you're fully there with whatever you're doing. Because you're clear as a bell, as to where you're going.

You know how what activities to prescribe yourself when you're feeling overwhelmed.

One of my students told me yesterday, I was in a tizzy, feeling overwhelmed for a minute, then I went and did my Big Dreams Bootcamp work and I was back to centre in a red-hot minute and it feels so good!

You'll know whether to turn up the volume on your life.

You'll know whether to run that bit faster, work that bit harder or step back and totally disconnect.

How would it feel to have a clear, pretty, simple, easy, fun and quick system (that you can't wait to do and use) whenever you feel a bit of overwhelm coming on?

How would it feel to no longer live in the momentum > overwhelmed > paralysed > lost cycle?

How would it feel to stop spinning your wheels and start winning and feel like you're actually working less??

It feels amazing to have momentum, flow, clarity and endless mojo!

I work around 30 hours per week - with 3 businesses and 3 courses running and 3 kids (P.S I can't botch these numbers because the figures on my Rescue Time prove in blue and white how long I've been on the computer!) - that also helps when hubby reckons I've been on the computer too long...

I'll show you how to build your big dreams in BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP.

I want you to have this clarity.

I want you to experience your Big Dreams quicker, easier, faster, more aligned.

I want you to have that mojo that makes you flow like nobody's business! (literally!).

I want you to be able to move out of overwhelm and paralysis in a red-hot minute.

I want you to experience your goals this year, you know your new years resolutions, that I know for sure (but only if you're truly aligned to them in the first place!).

I want you to know if your goals are yours or they're carbon copys and that's why they're not working for you.

I want all this and more for you and I can say it with such conviction that you'll get all that and way more from Big Dreams Bootcamp, because all the girls from last round told me how much their lives changed afterwards.


"Big Dreams Bootcamp was life changing for me!!!!! I made a huge shift in my mindset around what I can achieve. I also felt so lucky to meet the other girls in the group and felt that everyone truly cared about each other. It was the best course ever!!!!!" Marisa Punshon

"I recommend Big Dreams Bootcamp. The information and resources are valuable and helpful to not only a business, but also to daily life. Jana is always positive, helpful and enjoyable to listen to & interact with. If you are struggling with keeping up with your day to day list and needing some organization, you will get a strategy in Big Dreams Bootcamp to take you forward and help you do more and create more. She gives above and beyond in every program that she creates." Robin Chellis

"I hadn't actually done any of Jana's courses before this one. I'd watched loads of Jana's free videos and spreecasts so I was familiar with a lot of her concepts and ideas. But you don't need to have done Mums Juggling School or anything else before this. You can start right here! This would be suitable not just for mums but for ANYONE who wants to be more productive but also have a full, balanced life. It's especially good for people who work alone a lot of the time and who have to motivate themselves (such as self-employed people). I even wish I knew some of these techniques to help me out in my day job!I think in the Facebook group you said something like: "I'm going to do this and I'm taking you with me!" For once I actually feel like my Big Dreams are possible, if I'm being pulled along by you, you are a force of nature!I LOVED this course and I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxx" - Catherine Redfern

There's one thing between you and your big dreams and I really do think it's one thing. That's your tendency to be a distracted dreamer.

My name is Jana and I'm a distracted dreamer (too)! But, I've set up systems to help even the most distracted dreamers become dedicated dreamers + doers, despite distractions (yes, this means you too!)

Distracted Dreaming

I see you say you can't do what I do... you know launch a lot of courses... But still you're on Facebook, writing messages, seemingly harmless right?

What do you think you need full days to do what I do?

I have not worked a full day in my business... ever!

I have a toddler and school kids, full days aren't on the agenda and neither is daycare right now.

At times I dream of having a full day to work and focus and concentrate on doing all the todos I need to do... and then I remember. This is what I wanted.

I wanted to be able to build my big dreams in pockets of time while making a life. I don't want a 9-5 job. So why would I want to 'work' all day?

So without a single block of more than 3 hours to work on any of my businesses for just on 2 years now (since I've had my 3rd baby)... how was it that I was able to launch + run + create 8 courses in the last 7 months?

No I did not get a full day to work... like ever.
No I didn't even get a full 5 hours to concentrate... like ever.
No I didn't even get a full 4 hours to concentrate... like ever.
No I don't even have an office. I have a desk in my lounge room.
No I don't even have daycare for my toddler.
No I'm not a naturally disciplined supermum... like totally not at all!
No I'm not a machine.

Yes I do have focus.
Yes I do have parametres set up to help my focus.
Yes I do have systems to help me re-focus
Yes I do have a failproof system that helps me line up to what I want
Yes I make choices not excuses
Yes I know exactly where the frig I'm going and what the heck I'm doing
Yes I have to setup massively excessive parametres to work with my tendencies to be a distracted dreamer.
Yes I've learnt to be a dedicated dreamer + doer despite being inherently a distracted dreamer.
Yes I have replicated this system to work for hundreds of other mothers and women like you.

Yes I've turned distracted dreamers into dedicated dreamers + doers despite crazy things happening their lives.
I plan my life out so I can focus and dedicate and not be distracted.
I plan my business so when I'm not working, I don't have to worry about it.
I plan my priorities so I know exactly how to say no to things and exactly what's right for me to be doing, unashamedly and totally on my terms.
Do less (fluffing) & have more (focus)

It's a bit different to the overused more + work less mantra! Isn't it!

I don't do everything.

In fact I don't want you to do more!

I want you to DO LESS + HAVE MORE!

My motto is not DO MORE! It's DO LESS but have more.

I've reached so many milestones (including money milestones) this year, but you know what, my BIG DREAMS system is set up in such a way, that I hate to say it, but it's not surprising. It really isn't.

This stuff don't happen by accident.

Vision boards are really so last year, it's time to get yourself a plan.

Priorities + Plan + Productivity = DEDICATED DREAMERS + DOERS!

Vision Board + Affirmations + Wishing + Hoping = Distracted Dreamers.

Not that I'm not down with that stuff, I pray, I meditate, I write words to myself in the steam of my shower... I'm down with the woo woo!

But I'm also up with the Do Do! You know the DOING part of dreaming.

Destination Disaster

In fact let me tell you a little secret, in 2013, I got distracted from my usual FAILPROOF BIG DREAMS system, with what felt like everyone sprouting the whole non-pushy, productivity = pushiness, flow needs to be flowy and I got so caught up in the manifesting and mediating bandwagon that I forgot what had successfully served me achieve all my big dreams with beautiful balance until then!

I started to question, okay maybe I should be more laid back about this, maybe I should only do things when they're easy, routines are bad, if I don't feel like working I should just go on Facebook you know, go with the flow and my flow said just fluff around on Facebook. Feel bad about your determination, feel bad about your drive.... Feel bad about your routines... Feel bad about your daily intention to get up and kick arse by dreaming + doing and consciously creating the balance you crave.

That was my destination disaster, that threw me so off course for 6 months, that we fell into financial disaster.

Luckily I pulled it all back together, but would've been better if I'd stuck to a system that works for people that want to actually DO the doing part of dreaming. Not have unlived dreams living inside you because your paralysed by spiritual rationalisations not to actually do the doing part of dreaming.

Directionless Doing

Now on the topic of DOING. If you're already pretty productive... You're down with the DOING.

But are you doing the right things? or are you doing everything?

Do you know the direction what your doing is taking you? Like do you know exactly the destination of your doing?

Because if you don't, you'll be doing a whole heap of everything and getting a whole heap of nothing significant done.

Or worse still, you'll so far down a path of DOING that you'll end up in the middle of the DOING path, wondering how the heck you got there and how the heck you'll get yourself out.

The Dreaming + Doing Difference

Dreaming and doing is a different type of path.

It's a path for the ones that actually don't want to be workaholics. The ones that are inherently workaholics but don't won't to be. They want to engage in their life and NOT be the cold body in their house.

The relationships in their life are important but don't necessarily come as naturally to them as working.

They want to learn how to be a better wife, a better mama, a better family member, a better lover, a better partner.

They want a better balance + they want a better life.

Once you know what to focus on, you can stop being distracted by what others say you should be focused on.

You can hold steadfast in your own dreams and know you are doing you and you know what you need to do... Because you said that's what you wanted to do.

You make a choice not an excuse.

If you make the choice to achieve your BIG DREAMS on your terms and focusing on what you want to focus on, then BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP was made for you.

This doesn't even scratch the surface to what's in BIG DREAMS I reserve all my success strategies for BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP 90% of my secret strategies in Big Dreams Bootcamp are never taught on my blog.

BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP = advanced systems for Priorities, Planning, Productivity, Big Dream Building that I share no where else.

Big DREAMS Bootcampers... Get yourself psyched up because this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Stop being a distracted dreamer and become a dedicated dreamer and doer. (without being a workaholic!)


I have no idea why, but I'm crying right now and I don't know why... Hang on a minute. I know why I'm emotional - I just read some pretty deep and meaningful testimonials - that I'll share with you in a bit.

I know I have been put on the planet to help you KNOW that you are freakin so capable of achieving your BIG dreams. I know that this course will change your LIFE for freakin ever.

Because this time last year, I put my Big Dreams Bootcamp system to work.

I made the declaration, it was time to "RISE UP"...

It was time I started putting money where my mouth was and ACTUALLY. FINALLY. make some MONEY from my BIG DREAMS!

It was time to "RISE UP" and stop muking around.

It was time for me to "RISE UP" and really bring home the bacon... otherwise we were going to loose our home - literally.

You see I had PLAYED around at my BIG DREAMS for years and years... Never really cutting it... financially that is.

I had studied and graduated university.

I had run the families removals company from home and paid for our groceries with that money.

I had run a wedding makeup business... it was successful for a start up - BUT only made a hobby income after expenses (despite the time I put in).

Yep... I had been awesome at juggling... NOTHING that made enough money. Especially NOT enough to support my family.

What I wish for you is that you DON'T have to have your back up against the wall to FINALLY FREAKIN cut through and stop muking around.

What are you working for?

What are you online for?

Is it getting you anywhere?

If you want to get somewhere and you want to get there fast.

Then do this.

Big Dreams Bootcamp makes a freakin BIG difference.

It'll take you where you want to go so stinkin fast - it'll blow your mind.

Okay, now I've got a feeling I need to tell you exactly what's in the PROGRAM.

I'm not someone to list out features and benefits, I've got this weird aversion to it, like I like playing hard to get.

I like playing hard to get - I always seem to keep the best features and benefits behind the curtains and just surprise the SHIT out of the people that JUMP + TRUST with me and take the LEAP with me.

But I think it's best I stop playing hard to get with you.

If you're still standing on the edge, wondering whether to JUMP or not. Then I know you probs need some more details, I get it. Who am I? What do I do? What's in this weird course, called Big Dreams Bootcamp?

I mean I was just having a funny conversation today with my Best Friend (and half the family party joined in) - she said she had a hard time explaining to her mama and Aunty what I do.  She said I have this course called Big Dreams Bootcamp - of course they are like 'ummm ok that sounds cool - BUT weird, so I get it, if you feel funny, considering joining a course called Big Dreams Bootcamp (and secretly wondering what your family will say maybe)... But the point it, I had to explain BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP in tangible terms. SO I'm going to try do that for you now! Let's give it a try shall we!


  • over 40 x PRODUCTivity videos, teaching my PRODUCTivity system, that's NOT available anywhere else! Like I give away a LOT of FREE stuff... But most of what's in Big Dreams Bootcamp is secret BIG DREAMS business! It's NOT publically available, ANYWHERE on earth.
    • How to plan out your yearly goals - so you can finally achieve them!
    • How to SET your TODO list - so you can actually get it done
    • How to CRAFT a TODO list that works for you (so you can finally breathe!)
    • How to ALIGN your GOALS with you your major PRIORITIES
    • How to CATEGORISE your goals - so they are FUN + DONE!
    • How to CONSISTENTLY achieve MASSIVE amounts of WINS every week from now on in
    • How to end PROCRASTINATION with my entirely UNIQUE cutting edge approach (so you can breeze through your BIG DREAMS
    • How to PROJECT PLAN like a PRO
    • How to break down goals so you can finally breath and just methodically work through them
    • How to finally TRUST yourself that you can finally FOLLOW THROUGH
    • How to get into the FLOW ZONE like an elite althlete
    • How to STOP feeding yourself SHIT excuses
    • Okay I can't list anymore things here - there's just too many
  • 40+ worksheets and templates In EVERNOTE format + PDF format (yep you can fill them out in Evernote!) There's my DAILY TODO LIST template! Goals templates, Quarter Plan Template, Sunday Success System Template, Priority Planning Template, BDA Formula Template, Project Planning Templates, Balancing Templates, 7-Day Project Templates, 3 Year Plan Template and too much more to list here.
  • Step By Step Productivity System - You know how there's all sorts of 'SYSTEMS' that you can stick to in Productivity? Well this is mine. It's NON-convoluted. Super FUN + stickable + doable!
  • 6 Modules, each of the DAILY videos is within it's own MODULE.
    • BLUEPRINT = Here's the solid structure of the BDB system in 7 FUN + stickable + doable + magical steps!
    • BASECAMP = Get your COMPUTER and LIFE set up for super productivity, so your BIG DREAMS STOP taking up so much brain space!
    • BUILDING = find your FLOW zone, so you can absolutely start achieving the IMPOSSIBLE in every area of your LIFE + get your rush of Dopamine and Endorphins and Serotonin = that you get when you reach the scientifical FLOW brain state! Live life in REAL FLOW! + learn how to get into it - it's a rare land to get in to. But I'll show you how to get there (this is my secret weapon, how I get in and out of FLOW will blow your mind!)
    • BLOCKBUSTERS = now we are KICKING GOALS like crazy, we're making progress on our BIG DREAMS like never ever before - NOW... now it's time to deal with the subconscious sabotaging shit that inevitably comes up. Here's where we bust through your glass ceiling, deal with the gunk that comes up, clean it out and move forward, to a new life, where BLOCKS are busted and BIG dreams come true.
    • BUTT-KICKING = okay we taught you how to do the BDB system in week 1 - now it's time to turn it up a notch, you've had a few weeks practice, now it's time for the advanced tweaks, for those that are ready to really turn up the BIG DREAMING + DOING! Everyone freakin LOVEs this week - FINALLY a course that completely reiterates and EMBEDs the system with another week, for extra clarity and advanced techniques and add ons.
    • BALANCE = if BIG DREAMS means losing your balance - I won't have it. I'm NOT interested. + if you don't give a shit about BALANCE and you're happy to build your BIG DREAMS without regard for the loved ones around you, then I do NOT want you in BDB. But if you want to achieve your BIG DREAMS BUT LOVE YOUR FAMILY AND NURTURE YOUR FAMILY ON A DEEPER, SOULFUL MORE REAL level, then I want you in BDB. I'll show you how you CAN do it and really, how there's not other bloody way and I won't except any excuses in this. BIG DREAMS for me are combining everything I've wanted to achieve, whilst being the best freakin mama and wife I can possible be. Every freakin day of the year! NO excuses, I won't fall in that whinging, whining, trap EVER!
  • LIFETIME ACCESS - so for the LIFETIME that Big Dreams Bootcamp is up - you get access to it. You get access to all FUTURE LIVE rounds.
  • EVERNOTE crash course for your BIG DREAMS, every lesson has an Evernote download, we have an EVERNOTE training and the FULL Butt-Kicking week trains you in my Evernote system for productivity.
  • BIG DREAMS BUDDIES - a bustling Facebook Forum where we share out BIG DREAMS and goals and wins and systems and tweaks and challenges and upper limits and resistance and motivation and inspiration and total cheerleading from a place of PURE love where you finally FEEL at home amongst a group of BIG DREAMERS JUST LIKE YOU!
  • BIG DREAMS WORKBOOK - after you GRADUATE this round you're going to get a copy of the BIG DREAMS WORKBOOK which has all the exercises, templates, printables etc... from the daily worksheets, exercises and tempaltes in one workbook.
  • 6 x BIG DREAMS BLASTS #janastyle - weekly webcasts for the NEXT 6 WEEKS (THESE ARE LIVE!) WHERE I'M GIVING YOU A WEEKLY DOSE OF MOTIVATION #JANASTYLE + all new ideas and additional content and reiterating main points of the PROGRAM - you can pre-submit your Qs or join LIVE - they are done on my usual webcasts days at my usual times (for those of you who have been around a while with me!) ... I'm saying #janastyle because that's what the Big Dreams kids are joking about in the BDB group, they're hashtagging me when they redo their goals #janastyle and I think it's freaking adorable that they do that... Ohhh and the running joke last round was #WWJD (What Would Jana DO!)... P.S in the past, I would not talk about this stuff - too afraid to SHINE. But guess what embracing Big Dreams means... SHINING SO BRIGHT AND STEPPING INTO THE LIGHT and that's what I'm vowing to do in 2015. 2015 is all about Shining so come along with me and let's STAND IN THIS SHINE TOGETHER & SHINE BRIGHTER TOGETHER!

Okay. So now the time to make a decision. Are you going to keep muking around with your BIG DREAMS or are you finally going to make them happen!

"A 40Day Step-By-Step Productivity & Project Planning System + Daily Workshop To Get Your Priorities, Goals, Projects, To-Do's, Mindset & Motivation SET... In Order To Achieve Your Big Dreamss... NOW!"

Stop SPINNING         Start WINNING

A 40Day Step-By-Step Priority Productivity System


BIG DREAMS BOOTCAMP is a 40DAY Step-By-Step Priority Planning Productivity System for achieving your BIG DREAMS so you can stop spinning and start winning!

If you're wasting over 14 hours a week fluffing around because you don't know where to start = this will give you mind blowingly easy tweaks to stop that dead in it's tracks!... If your husband is losing patience with your Big Dreams = BDB will help you realign your priorities so you're not dealing with relationship issues all of the time (this single exercise has changed my clients lives). If you're losing thousands of $$$$ because you haven't created that eThing you've been meaning to do for the last 6 months = then be prepared to have your eThings (eBooks, eCourses, Opt-Ins, Websites etc...) created by the time you finish Big Dreams Bootcamp! (we're not doing this for fun only, I want you to earn back your investment before the course finishes!)


You just want a step-by-step system and strategy for achieving your BIG DREAMS.

It's not your knowledge that's holding you back from building your BIG DREAMS or getting the momentum you want. You're smart enough, you just need a system to process and implement what you know and what you learn, to get the results you're craving.

You could search high and low for the best business and internet marketing strategies and systems but if you don't have away to get turn those projects and ideas into income, then the training is wasted and you'll spend your time dabbling in everything and getting traction with nothing. It's wasted time, wasted energy and wasted effort. You don't want to do that anymore.

You've got the goods, the info, you've done the courses, you've listened the podcasts, the blog posts, the programs... But who's teaching you what it takes to pick, choose and eliminate what will and work for you, when tested against your priorities in life and business?

You want someone to combine entrepreneurial productivity with personal productivity (you have one life) that lines up with your life priorities. You also need a system that recognises that priorities often shift and change and what to do when that happens.



What's In Big Dreams Bootcamp? (no-fluffy-features!)


Which means you get short sharp actionable and robust lessons to implement daily. That will skyrocket your productivity (with purpose) ASAP... NOW... TODAY... EVERYDAY! Say goodbye to watching 50 minute videos for 2 nuggets of actionable advice. In Big Dreams Bootcamp say hello to focused and robust lessons. Giving you the what, when, why, how and now. (that's what you've been craving isn't it?!)


For strategies that need instructional, over-the-shoulder explaining, so that you can really get a feel of the logistics and mechanics of any of the systems or strategies I use.


Each week there's a LIVE + RECORDED webcast. Where you can sit back. listen and learn or get your burning questions about the system answered! This is the funnest part of my online courses, when we get a chance to get together, learn, grow, share and stretch ourselves to new heights! That's why you're here isn't it? To get momentum on your BIG DREAMS.


Big Dreamers like me and you are a rare breed (those who are committed to behaving their way to their BIG DREAM) we need support. You need a buddy system, a small intimate group of girls that get you. This is where you find it. The online spaces I've already created are extremely special to everyone involved and it's the place we go to celebrate, congregate, contribute and communicate. This is where you'll stay in contact with your BIG DREAM BUDDY (ohhhh that's right, in BDB you get a Big Dream Buddy!). Cool ha?!

“Not only do I now have more time to do the most important things, but I also have clarity over what my priorities are.It sounds melodramatic, but Jana’s work has significantly impacted on my life.”

Kristy Goodwin Every Chance To Learn


  • DAY 1: GOALS WORKSHOP, work out what you want, why you want it, when you want it and how it lines up with what's truly important to you.
  • DAY 4: TO-DO LIST WORKSHOP - THE BDB SYSTEM! Yup today lives change (easily).
  • DAY 5: BIG DREAMS BRAINDUMP WORKSHOP - Today, finally the fog is lifted. You'll feel light as a feather.
  • DAY 7: BIG DREAMS SUNDAY SUCCESS SYSTEM WORKSHOP - Your weekly ritual starts today.
  • Blueprint complete. Congratulations you've just set your BIG DREAM on solid ground. You have the Blueprint that is going to be with you forever. This will be your default Blueprint for life.
  • DAY 8: How to plan this quarter (finally the secret to clarity is revealed).
  • DAY 9: How to get magical momentum (experience the magic of momentum - f.i.n.a.l.l.y get the traction you've been dreaming of.
  • DAY 10: The promise that pulls this all together and actually makes dreams a reality.
  • DAY 11: BDA Formula, know what to do and when to do it and how to schedule it.
  • DAY 12: Project Planning the Big Dreams Bootcamp way. The art of project planning for humans not robots.
  • DAY 13: What's it gonna take? The WWW Formula. What parametres are you setting up to ensure BIG DREAM traction happens.
  • DAY 14: It's that time again. Routine Reset, schedule setting session.
  • = BASECAMP is set up. The plan is in place, the parametres that support the plan are in place. This feels soooo good!
  • DAY 15: The secret to getting in your FLOW ZONE! (ohhhh this stuff is seriously life changing!)
  • DAY 16: Get in the BIG DREAM FLOW ZONE action 1
  • DAY 17: Get in the BIG DREAM FLOW ZONE action 2
  • DAY 18: Get in the BIG DREAM FLOW ZONE action 3
  • DAY 19: Get in the BIG DREAM FLOW ZONE action 4
  • DAY 20: Get in the BIG DREAM FLOW ZONE action 5
  • DAY 21: Weekly Resetting session.
  • = BUILDING done. This stuff is the building blocks that you will use forever and ever with accomplishing your dreams, knowing yourself, working with yourself, getting traction and momentum that you thought was only a pipe dream.
  • DAY 22: BLOCKBUSTERS 101 and what they are doing to your Big Dreams, relationships, self-confidence and self-worth.
  • DAY 23: BREAKDOWNS & BREAKTHROUGHS. How to recognise you're in a breakdown before a breakthrough and how to get through it.
  • DAY 24: BUSY-NESS & BURNOUT (and how to prevent and treat both)
  • DAY 25: BRAIN BREAKS (exact methods for helping you get your brain in the flow zone more often)
  • DAY 26: BACK-2-BASICS (how to know when it's time to get back-2-basics)
  • DAY 27: BRAKES ON DOUBT & DELAY. End the doubt and delay cycle (or at least cut it's length and paralysing control over you!)
  • DAY 28: Sunday Scheduling Session (yep every, single week we rinse and repeat and jazz it up again!)
  • = BLOCKBUSTERS! This module is pivotal. It gives you the tools you'll need when going after your dreams. This is personally and professionally transformational.
  • DAY 29: Big Dream Goals (YEP repetition is the mother of skill! We go through the BLUEPRINT again with added motivation and next level additions)
  • DAY 32: THE BDB SYSTEM (refine this process - it's a practice, a daily practice)
  • DAY 33: BIG DREAMS BRAINDUMPING (braindumping with purpose, the purpose not being to have 100 sheets of paper with scribbles on them you'll never look at again!)
  • DAY 34: TRANSFER-MATION (happens again today!)
  • DAY 35: The BDB Weekly Reset
  • = BUTT-KICKING done! This week will reinforce everything you've learnt. Add some new dimensions to it and you'll be set for life with a Blueprint you can return to over and over again.
  • = BALANCE! It's not some elusive thing, it's actually entirely possible. You'll strengthen relationships, feel less pressure, get more done, experience more ease and in flow between your BIG DREAMS & your relationships with yourself and others.


Why I Do What I Do

This is my reason. Being able to be at home with my babies is my priorities. That means productivity is extremely important to me.

Productivity needs purpose

Productivity needs priorities

Productivity needs passion

Prosperity requires productivity


“Not only did she present it in a way that was easy to understand with simple steps to execute, but she also did it in a way that motivated and inspired me in a positive way. She is a spark of joy and positivity with her bubbling personality. I think so highly of her and her content that I have signed up for everything else that she offers because she continues to provide new information in a way that helps me understand the why, the how and the what behind everything”

Robin Chellis

Have you done all the workbooks... But need the ACTION PLAN... that actually makes all your pie-in-the-sky business goals come true?  This is the DAILY ACTION PLAN to actually get all those BUSINESS GOALS you set in January done!

So you want to get more creative work done in the next 6 weeks than you've got done in the last 6 months? I'm so excited to help you do this!

This is a step-by-step productivity + project planning system that works and walks you through each and every step of dreaming and doing process. From making big and bold decisions, to creating your BLUEPRINT, to executing your plan + helping you get through all the BLOCKBUSTING in between. + finally understand the brain science behind success and use it to your advantage to hack your own FLOW system! (YUP it just got all scientifical up in here!)

Any of these questions on your mind?

  • q-iconDon't have enough time?

    I’ll answer this as plainly and simply as I can, if you don’t have enough time – Big Dreams Bootcamp is exactly the system to help you get more time to do what you want to do and create what you want to make!

    I created Big Dreams Bootcamp for busy people to do parallel with any big projects they’ve got happening. Especially if you want to avoid busy-ness and burnout along the way.

  • q-iconHow much time will it take?

    Each daily video is around 5 – 10 minutes. Implementation will take you from 10 – 20 minutes. This is a 6-week intensive commitment challenge give it all you’ve got. If you’re ready to do, I’m ready for YOU!!!!!!!

  • q-iconWill I learn business strategies?

    Good guestion! This bootcamp give you the step-by-step productivity and project planning system to implement sort out, decide and focus in what you’ve been trying to get done and decide on for months. If you have biz specific questions – like marketing strategies or copywriting questions you can ask those in the weekly web-blasts. There’s a BONUS MODULE; “BUSINESSCLASS” for those of you wanting my top money-making strategies for you business.

  • q-iconWhat exactly will I learn?

    You’ll learn the exact (with tweaks) BLUEPRINT I used to study a university degree, run businesses, start businesses and raise kids full time. It’ll help you match up your priorities, goals, to-do’s, project planning, mindset and give you the motivation you need to make your Big Dreams actually all happen.

  • q-iconWill I just learn how to do 3 MITS per day and Eat-The-Frog Techniques Because I KNow That Already!

    I get just as frustrated as you about fluffy conceptual productivity ideas. Big Dreams Bootcamp is a nuts and bolts productivity and project planning system to get more clarity and therefore more focused action over the 6 weeks of Big Dreams Bootcamp than you have over the last 6 months.

  • q-iconI never follow through with anything I can't stick with anything will this just be another thing I fail at?

    I think we don’t follow through on programs and other things we learn is because we don’t have a follow-through system. We don’t know how to pull apart projects and plan according to our priorities. It feels like there’s so many moving parts to some projects that they just don’t see the light of day because we just don’t have a tangible system that guarantees our success. If you don’t follow through, you just haven’t got a solid foundation set up.

  • q-iconI'm pretty organised and productive already - will this benefit me?

    Actually this is exactly what you’ll want. Most of my students say that they considered themselves a pretty productive person. What ever level you’re at, this system will take you to the next level by giving you a failproof project planning system that will compliment your existing methods or give you a complete productivity and planning system if you’ve never had one before.

  • q-iconI've already tried GTD and the 4 Hour Work Week what's the difference?

    GTD is awesome for those that use it and love it. For me it’s too cumbersome and just plain didn’t work for me. Big Dreams Bootcamp prevents burn out and works you through overwhelm. It deals with physiological, physiological and permanent holistic change. I don’t give you a here-do-this-like-a-robot instructions. I give you real deal actionables that take into account the demons and reality that are likely to show up along the way of change!

  • q-iconWhy are there daily videos instead of weekly videos?

    If you’ve ever done a course and wanted to revisit one particular point or actionable for repetition, you’ll know exactly why I’m making these videos short, sweet and sharp for you. Also if you don’t have time for a 90 minute crash course and you just want me to get on with the who, what, when, why and how… get it done and be on your way and set for the day.

“she will help you get focused, get out of your own way and will give you just the right amount of butt-kicking you need to move forward and make things happen for yourself!”

About-Nicky-Portrait“If you want to fulfill that gnawing feeling in your gut that you are meant for more, but you also want a thriving home and family life without wasting time and energy feeling guilty for wanting both, you are in the right place and Jana is your girl.

You can totally have them both and rock at it too!

Here’s how you will know if BDB is for you:

You need the support + systems to get you started with your dreams and don’t want to waste any of your valuable time on systems not specifically designed for moms.

Productivity makes you both excited and nervous and you have too many unread books or self-help courses to work through to help you master the perfect solution and make it happen already.

You want to balance your dreams and family life and need help to do more in less time + still have the energy at the end of the day to be the mom your deeply desire to be.

You want a great network of support of other moms who understand you, cheer you on and are on the exact same exciting path as you.

Jana also has the unique ability to make everything feel fun, doable and simple. She has a loving, contagious personality, she will help you get focused, get our of your way and will give you just the right amount of butt kicking you need to move forward and make things happen for yourself.


You really can have it all, not all at once but with BDB it will make complete sense that your family life and dreams are part of the same coin and help nurture each other. When you chase your dreams, you are able to be a better mom and, when you are more present with your family you will be more driven to reach your dreams. It’s not the one or the other, it’s ying and yang. It’s what gives us mothers such a huge advantage in life.

It’s also an incredible feeling to know that when you encourage your kids to go after their dreams that you have also gone after yours.

The BDB yang can’t wait to meet you and hear about your big beautiful dreams.

Nicholette von Reiche ~ Chief Energy Officer and Health and Energy Coach for Moms ~

“She always delivers highly effective content and will keep you motivated to reach higher than you thought you could!”

robin chellis 559397_430980567006752_622047712_n

“One of my favorite courses, and one that I highly recommend, is Jana Kingsford’s Mum’s Juggling School. As moms, we have an endless to do list, which only increases if we also run our own business.  We need tools to help us get organized, stay organized, stay on top of things, and keep us motivated to do all of that in order for our house and business to run smoothly. I definitely needed to find tools and strategies to help with my time management and productivity. I found that with Jana and her school.  She gave me the tools that I needed to help me get more organized in both my home and business.  Not only did she present it in a way that was easy to understand with simple steps to execute, but she also did it in a way that motivated and inspired me in a positive way. She is a spark of joy and positivity with her bubbling personality. I think so highly of her and her content that I have signed up for everything else that she offers because she continues to provide new information in a way that helps me understand the why, the how and the what behind everything that she teaches. If you are looking for ways to increase your productivity & time management skills so that you can bring your big dreams to life, then I recommend you check out and sign up for Big Dreams Bootcamp – you will not be disappointed.

She always delivers highly effective content and will keep you motivated to reach higher than you thought you could!

Robin Chellis –

“She has helped me to tweak and modify the things that I do, both personally and professionally to enable me to make better use of my time..."

I have clarity over what my priorities are!  I now have more time to do the most important things... No pie-in-the-sky plans or systems, just simple, actionable strategies that actually work... Jana's work has significantly impacted my life!"

testimonials_kristy-goodwinI have had the privilege of working with Jana in two of her online programs and also with her as my coach.

Wow! Jana’s enthusiasm for all things productivity and time management related is infectious. I thought I was relatively organised and efficient. That was until I met Jana!

She has helped me to tweak and modify the things that I do, both personally and professionally, to enable me to make better use of my time.

Not only do I now have more time to do the most important things, but I also have clarity over what my priorities are.

Everything Jana suggests is so practical and achievable. No pie-in-the-sky plans or systems. Just simple, actionable strategies that actually work.

It sounds melodramatic, but Jana’s work has significantly impacted on my life. I am finding that elusive balance between being a Mum and running the business and lifestyle that I hanker.

Dr Kristy Goodwin ~

“I just realised I am only $6k off being a six figure business... wouldn't be here without you Jana…” "If you are considering doing Big Dreams Bootcamp with Jana - please trust me in knowing it will be worth it! Listen to the webcast now and then sign up!"

jeri murphy xero ecosystem trainer"Just watching Behind the Scenes of Big Dreams Bootcamp webcast from yesterday (recorded session). I love it! Only up to the RRR bit and already had a massive AHA! I know myself. I know what turns me into a crazy person and emotionally messes me up. Time to prepare to these moments to come & nip them in the butt - no more rationalising and resisting.

Yes it's freaking scary to jump in whole heartedly, but hey it's worked so far!

PS I just realised I am only $6k off being a six figure business... wouldn't be here without you Jana!

If you are considering doing Big Dreams Bootcamp with Jana - please trust me in knowing it will be worth it. Listen to the webcast now and then sign up!...

I am living proof you can do it (single mum of 3 with almost 6-figure biz... I like the sound of that" Jeri Murphy!

Jeri Murphy ~ Xero Ecosystem Trainer ~

After 14 days, if you are not getting results from Big Dreams Bootcamp, I am 100% happy to refund your investment. I will require all homework to be submitted with your request. As Big Dreams Bootcamp can’t work without you!

“I learned so many useful habits and strategies to reach my goals even faster, it’s amazing!"

adiJana is a productivity superstar! It’s amazing how many tips and tricks she has up her sleeve!

I consider myself a pretty planed and focused person, and still I learned so many useful habits and strategies to reach my goals even faster, it’s amazing!

As a mom of two little ones, I think every mom with big dreams for herself (and family!) should have Jana as her secret weapon!

She’s authentic, know how to simplify things and present them in a actionable package. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks Jana!!”

Adi Maor Siso ~ ~ Israel.